What Are Weddings Rings And How Wedding Rings Are Worn? 

The wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life. It is memorable, life-changing and amongst the happiest days of one’s life. There are many things which make it so special including the auspicious ceremony, dance, music, food and the grand event. And not to forget, a wedding gown and wedding ring plays the most crucial part for a bride on this day. A wedding ring is a finger ring which implies and shows the marital status of a person. It is worn by the bride and the groom, for the rest of their lives. In some cultures, it is very important to wear a wedding band. Wearing a wedding ring has a history and it is considered very auspicious. The tradition of exchanging rings started in ancient Greece and is one commonly followed in almost all the nations.

What is a wedding ring made of?

The wedding band is usually gold or silver or diamond or made of a special jewel-like ruby or pearl and it totally depends on the pocket of the bride and the groom to purchase a cheap or expensive wedding ring. However, in some cultures, like Hindu culture, gold is considered auspicious and hence mostly preferred by the wedding couple.

The relevance of the wedding ring

So, how wedding rings are worn? It totally depends on the culture of that place and the people living there. Typically, a wedding ring is worn in right hand, the third finger from the thumb. Some believe that it is because the third finger is directly connected to the nerve of a human’s heart. In ancient time, people considered wedding ring very auspicious and it was forbidden to remove it after marriage under any circumstances.

however, in the modern world, such traditions are not hardcore followed. The Jewish and the Christine have still believed weddings rings to be an inseparable part of a marriage. Exchanging Wedding rings are the part of wedding ceremony.

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