Weddings And The Various Accompanying Ceremonies


When you are to marry someone you can actually imagine them standing with you along with your life. The traditions of marriages are not any recent but hold old reasons behind them. Generally going with the arranged concepts it is formerly arranged by the family but the dreams and expectations of the bride and groom are related to it.

What are the general wedding traditions?

The traditions and culture within the marriage are mostly different but the general trend is almost the same. A ceremony is organized where the bride and groom take vows in front of people. This is mostly done by exchanging rings or some other remarkable ornament. The ceremony is carried forward with the blessings of people, dinner, and dances. Not to forget the photo session to capture these beautiful moments. There are many weddings where a reception ceremony is also organized after this.

Weddings are often made as a sequence of various pre and after wedding ceremonies to celebrate the whole occasion. This will include the bachelor’s party, engagement or some other parties depending on the cultures. But at the end of the day what matters the most is the life and understanding that two people are going to share after the wedding.

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