Three Ways How Wedding Gowns Are Made

Three Ways How Wedding Gowns Are Made

Weddings are no less than festivals and one of the most auspicious days of our lives. And wedding gowns or dresses do no less than wonders in making our special day more amazing and memorable. Beautiful white gowns with glitter and sparkle and lace are the beautiful drapes which make a bride more gorgeous, attractive and elegant. Hover, wedding gowns come in various shapes and sizes and are made up of varied material including lace, chiffon, fancy net, satin, silk, organza and others. The shape of the dress and the cut, it’s hem and bow, every detail is different for different brides.

Curious to know how wedding gowns are made, here are three majorly used ways.

Customized dresses

These are the most expensive and extraordinary gowns. They are expensive because they are customised especially for every bride. If you can afford to buy them, it is the best choice to make. It gives the bride a more special feeling because the dress is specially customised for her.


The type of gowns is made with a collaboration of two-three pieces added to a basic bridal wedding gown. The bride is asked to select a basic body shape gown and to emphasise its beauty, lace, litter, belts or halter tops are added as layers. This makes a basic gown more beautiful and attractive.

Basic gowns

This is the most common type of wedding gown. Most wedding gown stores have multiple gowns in varied shapes, designs, cut and texture. All a bride is supposed to do is select on few gowns, try them on and buy a dress which perfectly fits her choice and body. It could be princess share own or a bodycon wedding fress. Usually, there are fewer colours for a wedding gown, most commonly made and purchased are white or off-white.

There are designer gowns as well which are available for brides who a higher budget.

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