How Are Weddings, Unification With Festivity And Celebration?


In almost every culture, Weddings are customary communal ceremonies wherein two people accept each other as their lifelong partners and share their lives, all of their experiences, the good and the bad, their affection and feelings with each other. Marriage is a sacred, selfless bond that is shared between two people who vow to look after each other as long as they both live.

How do weddings differ in the different parts of the globe?

The world is full of diverse people belonging to the varied religions that have their own customs and traditions that they practice in their life. Weddings are also varied and are performed in diverse ways throughout the world. India is well acknowledged for its weddings when it comes to the music, dance, food, colors, fashion, grandeur and magnificence. 

The western countries usually have shorter and toned down wedding ceremonies but nevertheless, the affection shared between the people is just as strong as in any other marriage in the world. Other countries also have their own ways of forming alliances.

Taking everything into account, it is clear that weddings are an alliance between two people and their families who vow to live together as one. And the celebrations following this union differ from place to place.

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