Best Ideas for a Wedding Dress to Impress


Needless to say, the bride has to look perfect! But how to choose a dress which is going to make your man to weak on his knees? Well, there are certain things that you could take care of while choosing your wedding dress.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to start as soon as possible. The more days you give the manufacturer to work, the better your dress would turn out to be.
  • Make sure the wedding dress you choose goes with your body type. There are certain shapes of dresses which make you look slimmer, thicker, taller, etc.
  • If you are short, try dresses with laces and subtle mermaid bottom which will give you a little flow and would make you look gorgeous.
  • If you have thick thighs, look for ball gown dress which will hide any extra fat you have.
  • To hide thick arms, you can wear off-shoulder gowns which will take attention to your gorgeous shoulders and collar bones. You can also try shimmer to add richness to your dress.

Always try on the dress rather than judging them on the hanger. Choosing a wedding dress while keeping the above pointers in mind can get you a dress you would look flawless in.

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