All You Need To Know About Weddings: The Union Of Lives


No matter which religion, nation or civilization it may be, Weddings are old and traditional ceremonies which are carried out in almost every part of the world. A wedding ceremony involves the union of two people and their families wherein two people vow to keep each other’s company for the rest of their lives, sharing every gain and loss, happy and sad days and all of their experiences and live alongside each other as long as they shall live.

The different types of weddings from all over the world

India is a populated country, which is popular for its lavish and extravagant wedding fashion since the ancient times of kings and queens. Here, in almost every religion, weddings are celebrated colorfully with a lot of pomp and show, sometimes for days. Food and fashion play a vital role just like in any other part of the world.

Western countries prefer a relatively serene wedding with soft music and colors. Nevertheless, the bond between the people involved is just the same. Eastern and other countries all around the world have their own customs and traditions.

Everything considered, we understand that weddings are a common practice performed and celebrated differently in different parts of the world!

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