Understanding and knowing where wedding traditions come from

The wedding is considered a sacred bond between two individuals who are in love with each other. They bring the couple together by laying down vows that will help both of them in ensuring that they can grow together and be the perfect support for each other. However, you reach to that point after going through some mandatory ceremony. Therefore, it becomes equally important for you to know and understand where wedding traditions come from since they will form a very essential part of your marriage and life, thereafter.

The significance of these practices

One of the things that brides wear on their wedding day is the veil. It is believed that they are supposed to do so to keep away any evil spirits away, the concept first introduced by Romans few hundred years ago. They thought that it is on this particular day when the bride is most susceptible to evil forces and therefore, to prevent that from happening, they must put on a veil. The tradition has been continued since then, but modern-day weddings have not been following the reason as much as the culture.

Bridesmaids are there for the same reason as well. It is expected that when an evil power comes to take away the bride or harm them, bridesmaids will confuse it because of their appearance. This way, the evil will never be able to get hold of the actual bride thereby not affecting the ceremony in any which way. The white gown has been since the past few years owing to the fact that Queen of England wore it and a girl feels like the same on her wedding.

Thus, before following a certain trend, it is important to know where wedding traditions come from as it gives you enough to reason to follow or not follow it.

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